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Anonymous said: I would love to use the I Will Worship Him picture on my website. Is it copyrighted? Is it original with you? Can I have permission to use it?

I am not sure which picture you’re talking about, and I don’t remember designing a picture with those words. The artists’ name is usually watermarked somewhere on the image. If you can’t find the artist, I think it would be safe to state that the image is not yours. 

If you could link to the post you’re talking about, I could figure out if it is from one of the makers of this blog or from another source! :)

Hope it all works out~! God bless youuuu


God is so willing for us to grow in spiritual maturity that He will keep teaching us the same lesson over and over until we get it. I think the first thing we need to learn is to ask Him in every situation what is being taught and be willing and open to learn from it.

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So a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to make stuff with verses on them, and while looking for inspiration, I found these wonderful posters on Zazzle. Fear not, surprisingly, they are only $11.85 a piece! I did not make them, but I will link to the person who did below!

I thought the Samsung Galaxy S4 cases were cute too, but they are $48 and some change *insert cringing here*. I decided to include them anyway, just in case:

Link to the Zazzle store with this cool stuff!

Might start gathering products all over the web to share because making my own stuff involves creativity I don’t have, lol. I will try to make more stuff, however (especially phone cases).

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